i need you love to pierce my heart
i need you love to bring my tears
to make me weep
to make me laugh
help me feel love
help me understand
help me heal this broken life
help me know
help me
help me
i am corrupted
i have lost my soul
my life needs you love
teach me love
teach me you
let me in so i understand
let me know you
let me know myself
let me in
i feel hopeless
i feel lost
show me love
show me hope
help me so i might live
so i might love
so i might
so i might share love
so i might share life
where are you love
only you love
only you
can make things right





Hand on pen, hand on pencil, paper blank
I look for the artist’s artist
I want to see, I want to hear truth – alive
I want to know that some things are sacred
Unbranded happiness
Like a current through all of us
Let love rule


But I love love

Chili fries and cigarettes.
Dope, jazz, more dope.
One more, no two more beer…
Too much beer.

And Kerouac writes on page 28*

“My manners, abominable at times, can be sweet. As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind.
I’m a wretch.
But I love love.”

But I love love.

What time is it in Italy?

*Satori in Paris ~ Jack Kerouac

But I love love