One Step Away (Revised)

“You make me want to cry”


Good grief bad grief our grief why grief?

Why suffer?

My dear it’s not necessary.  Not necessary, not at all.

Catastrophe and grief.  Israel and Palestine.  Wars against God for God who’s God what about Gaia God?  Oil junkies waging war and making a miniseries out of the obscene inhumanity on corporate news media so we can watch the same clip of exploding bombs and infernos consuming communities only to be reminded and reassured every twelve minutes that we’re the ‘good’ guys and that fresh breath and white teeth will get you a date with that hot guy who drives this year’s model of an eco-friendly smart car that is still dependent on an unsustainable energy culture that tells us that pipelines are safe and good for the economy.

Death follows greed.  Grief follows greed.  Suffering and Poverty are my neighbours. They live unsheltered.  Their life no more, but no less a life.  Beaten but free.  Limited by this culture; this nightmare.  This web of lies; made-up fun fun Christmas/Santa all year long culture we drudge through.  One shopping sale event to the next reminding us that the ‘Dream’ is most important and that consuming is great.  What better way to share the memories of any holiday season than with a one stop shop at your city size Walmart conveniently located to manipulate our insecurities and destroy our communities.  Thank you consumer culture for your keen insight of what it is to be happy and for a limited time at half the price.

Hate the poor.  Make sure they hate themselves too.  Marginalize the ones happy with enough.  Keep their happiness but steps away.  Force them to choose daily gut wrenching dread as a means of survival.  Slavery sugar-coated with wages.  Slavery disguised as gainful employment with bi-weekly allowances to spend on lifestyles reinforced by greed culture adding link after link after link to the heavy chain of debt strangling our freedom and securing our place in line at the altar of Moloch.

One step away from sidewalks and underground heat vents.  One step away from ‘spare any change?’ cardboard and jiffy marker messages.  Always one dollar away from taking over the world.

One Step Away (Revised)